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of the story exclusively. autonomy founder, michael lynch here with me coming up. join me for that. >>> up next, the latest conflict between israel and hamas rippling across the globe. bank of israel governor stan fischer speaks with me after this short break. >>> how's this for a geek factoid? fischer gave bernanke an "a" plus when he studied under him at m.i.t. stick around to see if he's still making the grade for stan fischer. a restaurant is hard, try running four. fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase. and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to chef before opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game from the great northwest. he'll start investing early, he'll find some good people to help guide him, and he'll set money aside from his f
themselves. >> reporter: according to the chari charity's latest filings, the president of hhv, michael lynch, was paid a salary of $389,000, and that's just the start. in its complaint, california authorities say money donated for hospitalized veterans also paid for memberships in these two country clubses near lynch's home. a cost of $80,000. donated funds paid for this condominium near washington, d.c., for the use of charity executives. according to the complaint, while help hospitalized veterans has been raking in millions of dollars, 65 million in just the past two years, according to tax returns, the charity has misled the irs and its donors about where the funds actually go. we know 44 million has gone to fund-raising, the charity says it spent 16 million on these kits for veterans, but the california attorney general's office questions the charity's accounting. >> there have been a number of misstatements to the irs and other regulators in order to suggest that the corporation is much more efficient than it in fact is. >> reporter: and it's not the first time the allegations have bee
, next. >>> powerball jackpot now worth >>> powerball jackpot now worth at merrill lynch, we understand the importance of your goals. today, our financial advisors lead from a new position of strength. together with bank of america, they have access to more resources than ever before. a steadfast commitment to help you achieve your financial goals in life. that's the power of the right advisor. that's merrill lynch. >>> welcome back to power lunch, i'm courtney real when a market flash. look at shares of adt corporation, the home security monitoring service. you are seeing shares trade just off the highs of the day but right now, in this day, the shares have hit the all-time high, spun off from tyco on october 1st. the company reported inline earnings, revenue slightly missing the street's expectation bus approve afghanistan $2 billion buy back. >>> the clock ticking down to the fiscal cliff there is some noise in washington that perhaps going over the cliff might be the best sort of tactical solution for both sides. so, how could it benefit democrats and republicans? andy friedman is a
with them on their adventures and may have participated in a lynching. that affected woody years later. but there's no indication that woody was particularly all that political when he was growing up in okemah. and then after a number of family tragedies, like the burning down of their house, the death of his older sister in a house fire, the near-fatal burning of his father in a third fire, and the incarceration of his mother in the oklahoma state mental asylumshe wasn't crazy; she had the misunderstood and undiagnosed huntington's diseasewhere after all these tragedies, woody went to join his father in another boom-to- bust oil town in the texas panhandle, a place called pampa, texas. he dropped out of high school after two years, became a sign painter, married, had his first two children, and then sat there and watched as the dust bowl hit the center of the united states, and, you know, tens of thousands of square miles of destroyed farmland just wiped out. woody was there. and he began to write about the dust. woody guthrie: [singing] back in nineteen twenty-seven, i had a little f
by political lynching that you read today. >> his statement about misusing his expense account. >> i'm mononorring the latest commuters models to find out when the worst of the rain could reach your neighborhood. coming up in 7 minutes. >> there's something suspicious about this fire. >> it could have been worse. >> we're asking if this is one more in a pattern of suspicious fires in this bay area city. uz >>> an empty home is now the latest spot to draw the attention of arson investigators in vallejo. ken pritchett live in vallejo. >> reporter: there were three fires essentially overnight that the vallejo fire department resumed as suspicious. last night there was another suspicious fire. this is leave thing the fire department into investigating as to whether there is a link. when debra rodriguez walked us through the blackened basement of her home she said she felt anger and more. debra rents out this home but no one was living here last night. fire investigators determined it started down stairs. >> the fire appears to be incendiary. >> reporter: vallejo has had several arson fir
to read about in the -- living you continue to -- lynching you continue to read about in the media. >> what happens now that one party has complete control of the state budget. >> and a land mark day for the most expensive project in california history. the new bay bridge now hanging out all on its own. just a bad employee... but'e talking about a bay area lawmaker - spending your mo. cbs 5 reporter len ramirez n the bills, the investigation >>> lavish meals and luxury travel and a lot of lost receipts. we're talking about a law maker spending your money. on the bills, the investigation and the man who doesn't really feel like talking about it. >> first of all, much has been written about in the past about my personal office's usage,. >> reporter: he spoke for the first time about wasting tax dollars on booze and upgrades for himself and his staff. he didn't deny it and wasn't apologetic. instead he went after the news media. >> i don't want you to be distracted by the political lynching that you read today and continue to read about in the print media. i want you to understand tha
talking to professors or authors we're at the u.s. naval academy in annapolis merrill lynch. with professor aaron o'connell also the author of this book "underdogs" the making of the modern marine corps." professor when was the marine corps established? >> 1775 but the birthday is us mess. the record always claims november but that is the date that congress authorized but they never raised the battalion raised then. >> day never were. but the first goes then 28 november but 10 november still celebrated as a birthday. >>host: what was the purpose of the marine corps? >> to be the guard on a ship to protect the officers from the crew it was difficult to salish up they had to have people there so the principal job was to be the ship's guard and served and snipers but it is a very small part of the navy. >> this -- record is complete the service? >> separate inside the navy but they would claim when they served aboard they should follow the rules amadeus served ashore to follow the regulations of the
into the hallway, and you could almost get sucked right out. >> reporter: michael alacha and timothy lynch had to check each of the structural braces that held the tower with the crane on top to the side of the building. >> you notice that the mast has ties every nine floors. so we were concerned about the upper most tie. if that tie had failed, that means the mast could fall, that 1,000-foot mast. >> reporter: if the climb was perilous, it was nothing compared to when they got out on the roof. you are tied to a rope but you're trying to get as close to the edge of the roof, a place where any normal person would not want to be. >> i'm looking for-- i'm looking for information. i know i'm sound. i'm tied off. once i know that you're tethered, i'm okay with that. you can-- you start looking around. you start doing real work, but it does make your heart beat. >> reporter: so are they heroes? they say no, just part of a larger team that responded to this accident. so it was all just in a day's work? no. even michael alacha and timothy lynch will admit it was a little more than that, scott. >> pell
by hewlett packard. in other words, it's fraud. after autonomy's founder and ceo michael lynch was fired by meg whitman, sources close to the company tell me a senior executive from autonomy came forward with evidence of widespread accounting misrepresentations that occurred before it was bought by hp. hp began an investigation and concluded that these accounting improprieties inflated the value by $5.3 billion. the ceo then relied on audited financials when making a bid to buy the company. those financials were audited but there were plenty of investors out there who questioned autonomy's growth rate. sources close to the company allege that autonomy pursued a number of avenues to make margins, growth rate and overall value appear far higher than it actually was. the company was selling computer hardware. desk top computers, it's a software company at a loss to supplement revenues and then taking the cost of that as a marketing cost so gross margins would not be impacted. they will sell it directly. you want to sell it to original equipment manufacturers giving it the appearance that th
-packard accounting debacle. autonomy ceo mike lynch is firing back at hp just a short while lynch wrote an open letter to the company demanding details on the allegations of on autonomy's accounting practices. hp responded. we believe the legal process is the best way to bring out the facts. we look forward to hearing dr. lynch and other autonomy employees answer questions under penalty of perjury. shares of hp. shall we have a look? off 18 cents a share, down more than 10% over the month. melissa: while the stock market has spent the last month in the doldrums a few of the least respected tech companies have seen their stocks soar. sandra smith has the look at these unexpected winners in today's trade. >> look at the nasdaq. it is only major average sporting a gain. if you look at a one-week chart, seven days in a row, if we finish up today, it would be the seventh winning day for the nasdaq, longest winning streak in 16 months. even those thee are not all up today, research in motion has been killing it over the past month. let me bring up a year-to-date chart. that is the blackberry maker. n
lynch, who is raising a young daughter with her wife, will also join us tonight. it's been a year since tyler's death and the issue came to a lot of the country's attention then. i want to bring in phil mcgraw and rosalyn wiseman. phil, what kind of grade would you give in terms of progress that's been made this year on the issue? >> well, i would give a real high grade as far as intention to both legislators and administrators and teachers. teachers are heroes. come on, these are people that work for very little money, they are very dedicated, but i would give us a very low grade for execution. i would give us a low grade for what we've accomplished and i'll tell you, it's because we're going at this from the wrong point of view. we're dealing with this with bullies as criminals and then their victims, and we can't see them in that way. there's got to be intervention with both. it's not just -- they both need help, they both need social skills training, they both need things that they can only get if we put it into the curriculum. it can't get in the curriculum if we don't put money be
, this is lieutenant lynch. may i help you? >> yeah, there's 75 men around our building and they're shooting at us. >> reporter: the caller was wayne martin, sheila martin's husband. >> our children were down on the floor. if we would have been standing up, we would have been hit. >> tell them there are children and women in here and to call it off. >> all right, all right. hello? i hear gunfire. oh, shit. >> reporter: it was a raid by the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. >> hello. >> call it off! >> who is this? >> reporter: atf agents trying to arrest david koresh and search the branch davidian compound. the operation that winter morning was the culmination of an eight-month investigation. feds believed koresh was illegally converting semi-automatic ar-15s, like this one, into the fully automatic machine guns soldiers use. the federal agents had rented a house across the street, posing as college students, trying to buddy up to koresh. but he never bought the act. >> we knew we were being watched from across the road. we knew there was some kind of government agency -- agents over there.
after mike lynch, who was the founder and ceo, after he left, and executive comes forward to hp and says there are problems. there are improprieties. the dude due diligence? melissa: basically stood by the books and said we looked at them, here are the books. >> so, hp, how is that million dollars b he spent on the econo. what kind of due diligence really was done? hpr sony former executive under the us and mike lynch, nobody else. melissa: what is your take on this? on the surface my response was didn't hp dohe due diligence? they d not spend enough time looking at the books of the company they were buying to mention the revenue streams and everything else were on the up and up, but they had this top-notch accounting company standing behind the books, what do you think the real story is? >> don't think there's any doubt this is bad due diligence. they are liable civilly, they may also be liable criminally. this is referredo the sec and justice department, former executives civilly and criminally liable. this is a big deal. billion mistake. what kind of accounting firm mrs. $8 billion of
and autonomy is getting ugly. today the founder and former ceo of autonomy, mike lynch, wrote an open letter to hewlett-packard saying -- and we're going to show you a portion. he wrote, can hp really state that no part of the $5 billion writedown they took was or should be attributed to hp's operational and financial mismanagement of autonomy since the acquisition? end quote. now, hp took that write down saying that $5 billion of the $8.5 billion it wrote down was because autonomy had inflated its numbers. hp quickly responded with its own statement to mr. lynch's letter. they said, in part, we look forward to hearing dr. lunch and other former autonomy employees answer questions under penalty of perjury. >> that mike lynch letter, it went on and on. we showed you a little tiny portion. looks like both sides are geared up for a big, big fight. to top it all off, there's a class ash actiction shareholder that's just been filed against hp. jake has not yet filed the suit. i know he wants to. he has spoken with potential plaintiffs and hp shareholders. why haven't you done it yet? >> well -- >
. >> i am left with w = 5. >> some hands-on training. >> lynch is one of ten students who agree to become certified in middle school education. >> i knew there was not going to be a lot of jobs for me so i was looking for ways to make my degree look better. >> >> you can be an english science teacher or an english math teacher. we let our students choose whichever sequence they want. >> i like the independence that you see in middle school. there are far more independent than elementary school students but they do not have the cynicism of high schoolers. >> students are trained on the spot by mentors. >> they have to like what they're doing and like the children and make good choices and help kids make better choices. >> they spend a semester learning in school setting and that gives the principal a chance to take a closer look. >> we try to hire people for this quirky, ogg, alisyn stayed briefly and with a staff that want to work with middle school. >> the first group will graduate in the spring. they are certified to teach english, math, social studies, and science. >> it got a bit easi
hp hired to talk to deloitte about these issues as well as talking to mike lynch and they ran it to ground and said there's no there there. obviously, we know different now. >> of course, deloitte was the accounting name signed off on autonomy's numbers. mike lynch, dr. michael lynch was one of the founder of the company and running it until he was sum marly dismissed by whitman, because add harder time making the numbers, which he did when they weren't actually autonomy but owned by hp. as for his part, mr. lynch said the former management team of autonomy was shocked to see the statement today, flatly rejects these allegation, they are false it took ten years build autonomy's industry-leading technology. stood see,has been mismanaged, he claimed, since the acquisition was done by hp. for all of that meg whitman says they still like the end product. >> we still like the business. we like the technology. we think it's going to be an important part of hp's -- hp software's growth strategy, but it is not as valuable as we had believed it to be because revenues are lower, growth
pohler and jane lynch. i didn't even know jane lynch wrote me a fan letter because she thought she was going to get on the show like i was. i was going to be her connection. i wasn't. >> vicki lawrence, thank you so much. vicki is sending everybody in the studio audience the d.v.d.'s from "the carol burnett show." for this and more, go to we'll be right back. don't twiddle your thumbs, double the fun is coming to wonderland. so stay right there. ~holiday musico high pitched excited squeal yes! thank you! yes! yeah! excited screaming and jumping kids never get this excited about clean teeth. yes, yes , yes! but dogs do. this season, give the gift that makes dogs giddy. and fights plaque and tartar at the same time. greenies dental chews. the treats vets recommend most to make dental care fun all year long. yeah it's a... it's threemendous. ♪ threemendous. ♪ threemendous. [ male announcer ] say hello to mcdonald's new... [ basketball announcer ] threemendous! [ male announcer ] cbo. smooth cheddar, crispy bacon, grilled onions on the angus third pounder or premium ch
lynch, renuncio ante el escandalo que genero al reunirse con integrantes de un grupo vinculado a la organizacion armada sendero luminoso... las versiones aÑaden que el presidente ollanta humala acepto la renuncia, segun informo el diario estatal el peruano... la situacion de lynch parecia insostenible, pues diversos sectores exigian su destitucion y amenazaban con plantear una censura parlamentaria contra el ministro del exterior, en colombia, los 32- familiares de las victimas de secuestro en manos de las farc no viajaran a cuba este mes... se estima que las conversaciones entre la guerrilla y el gobierno continuara este mes en la isla... el grupo tenia planeado viajar a cuba para exigir la verdad a los miembros de las farc asistentes a este acercamient o, pero el gobierno cubano no ha aprobado los tramites consulares... las guerrillas de las farc aseguran no tener mas secuestrados en su poder... buenas tardes, comienza la semana con diversos avisos y un pronostico de bastante frio... de hecho ya comenzamos hablar de la probabilidad de nieve durante el transcurso de la semana... a
to take a nearly $9 billion charge because of what it called serious improprieties. lynch says the trouble arose after hp took over the company. >> we've been talking about a massive elephant in the room that wasn't spotted. the reason it wasn't spotted is very simple, it wasn't there. it was done, in their own words, meticulously and great detail. and then they actually ran the company, including doing all of the books for the last four quarters. >> hp shares down 12% yesterday, closing on a ten-year low right now. that is the euro's closing price. >>> still to come later, he's now apologized to the investors for the poor call and says the end for hp is not even sight. >>> also, japan has posted its worst trade deficit in october for more than three decades. exports dropped sharply amid territorial tensions between tokyo and beijing. it indicates the world's third biggest economy is inching closer to recession. this means the country would have seen its fifth technical recession in 15 years. at the same time, japan's opposition party promised a massive easing blitz meant to pull the econo
't go into it, but i also owe you dinner. professor mark lynch is not here yet, so i owe mark great gratitude for giving me the opportunity to give a life-long dream and be clint eastwood. in march of 2011 the state department sent t.j. where we had the privilege of having events at boston university, emer son college, and we threw a fine lunchon where he wowed our crowd. and m.i.t. which he was not responsible for that part of his itinerary. over the weekend i'm driving in new england and listening to n.p.r., state department spokesman t.j. crowley has just resigned. on monday morning i had so many calls and e-mails, what did i miss by not going to that lunch? he is a man of great candor and principle. he got in trouble for saying something about the treatment of private bradmauning, the wikileaks thing, and i owe you all a great thanks for being here today. f. >> thank you. [applause] >> i resigned two hours after the tour. i don't want you to take that personally. so we are coming up on the two-year anniversary of this thing called the arab spring or the asia wakening, or the ar
duped us. we had michael lynch on, the founder of autonomy, a week and a half ago. he said it's absolute nonsense. we didn't dupe anybody. they're masking, you know, their problems with the fact that they're blaming autonomy. so how does that slip through, and do you think that the problem is autonomy or are they just using this to hide their other issues? >> well, first, it's one of the reasons why i said a systemic issue appears to be a lack of quality due diligence because autonomy, whether it was fraud or not, it's quite remarkable to write off both eds and autonomy in less than a year. i mean, that's billions and billions and baillions of dollas the company is acknowledging is value destroyed. i'm quite sure that meg whitman believes that fraud was committed, or i don't think she would have taken the step that was taken. i'm also not at all surprised that dr. lynch would come out and defend himself and his company with great vigor because, as you pointed out in your interview with him, his reputation is at stake in a very fundamental way. i guess the final thing i would say is, you
media girl, patricia bovan with sumantec, patricia lynn with merrill lynch, barbara mark with -- barbara mark and her friends, over there, yeah, waving, her friend's friends table. please help me applaud these wonderful women. esther caldwell with delloyd could not be here, she is expecting twins and is on bed rest. i also want to say that today really the details of today, as you know, those of you who do event planning, would not have been possible without our event chairs. i want to acknowledge the 4 co-chairs, it takes a group of friends to put things together. help me acknowledge meg mccallister, cinta lynn really paid attention to all the details of this luncheon today. just like the script, i'm not used to having a script but i have it keep on time here. so i also would like to recognize our honor area event chair, first lady neat ta lee. she could not join us this afternoon but sends her thanks for your support. but i have the privilege of welcoming and introducing someone you all know, a very special guest with us today, our much-esteemed mayor, mayor ed lee. join me in wel
the board. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> i am thomas lynch. i am from berkeley. i am fearful of the precedent you will set if you allow this to continue. wearing clothes in public is certainly a healthy pres defnlt i hear now that genital decoration is the new thing and a clue to standards being yielded. if i were a parent i would be outraged. it is not a free country for children that can't play on certain streets because their parents are teaching them to be civilized. i no longer go to the castro area anymore and i don't want to encounter the exhibitionism and the clothes individuals too busy around to stand around naked. let's keep it for the private situations where it gets its true reward. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> good morning supervisors. i am mike and have been a resident and property owner and business owner. my conference room fronts on to the market street area at the jane warner plaza and let me give you an example to what happens when clients enter my conference room who are looking to purchase homes within the neighborhood. now i'm a pro
in new york without power two weeks after the disaster, sorry, they'd be screaming to lynch him. the media has totally bailed on this and totally favoring mr. obama on this, clearly fema didn't do the job right, but okay if they stay at $300 aight hotels pennies with what we spent altogether and if they need more money, they need more money, but clearly they were not up to the job. they had quite a bit of warning about this, they didn't stock pile supplies, they didn't stock pile fooled. there is something drastically wrong-- >> why are they staying in manhattan. >> because is the cool place to stay. >> that's what i'm saying, lower manhattan and-- the damage. >> that doesn't mean they didn't have any room. sounds like they didn't have any room at the inn kind of deal, but didn't have any room at stateisland. >> and there's a borough called queens and another one called the bronx that you might be able to stay in. i guarantee there's hotels there. and this is why it just, it reeks. and listen, for all i know they checked every hotel in the bronx, in yonkers, in the surrounding,
turkeys in their community today. this is the 6th year seattle seahawks, lynch and former 49er, josh johnson teamed up for the give away. not only did needy families get a turkey but a letter from both of them. [music] >>> music lovers absolute their favorites. who walked away a winner at the ma's? ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. of the "twilight" saga, "breaking dawn part 2." the film ranks eighth on the lif top >>> a huge opening weekend for the final installment of "the twilight" move i. it ranks 8th on the top, joining two other "twilight" films. they earned $142 million. that is one00 million more than the -- $100 million more than the number 2. >>> the american music awards paid treubute to a tv and pop music icon. dick character was remembered in a musical tribute by stevie wonder. justin bieber domi
said they were misled about the value and profitability. for its part, mark lynch said that the firm had been mismanaged after h.p. took over the firm. it really does seem that both sides claim that they are right but the dispute has been enough to knock 12% off with the price. >> what does this mean for hewlett-packard? >> hewlett-packard is in a difficult position. meg whitman taking the top job. she is cutting around 29,000 jobs in an attempt to save $3.5 billion. this is because there is a big shift in consumer demand away from traditional desktop pc's. that is an area of the market that h-p is not a very dominant in. many have said they have missed the boat and allowed rivals to overtake it. they are in a tough position already. they were misled about this deal. also given to changing market, it was difficult to see how the firm could turn itself around. investors are not convinced it can do that. >> this is not the first bad by force hewlett-packard, is it? >> there has been previous issues. this is the biggest in terms of having to write off an investment. i was at the floor o
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 243 (some duplicates have been removed)